Virtual Concert Series

Is there a limit to the number of videos/pieces I can submit?

No! Art of the Heart has no plan to stop our virtual concert program, therefore, we can always accept your submissions. Please note: due to the way we plan each concert, two or more of your submissions will never appear in the same concert. We recommend you subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can always know if your submission is featured in a concert. If your school has a service credit program, submitting multiple times can help you complete your service goals.

Where will my video go?

Your video will be compiled into one of our virtual concerts which are uploaded to the Art of the Heart YouTube channel and shared with our partner agencies serving senior citizens, those who are developmentally disabled, isolated pediatric patients & low-income adults.

How should I record my piece?

Good question. We recommend that you record your piece horizontally from any device that has high quality sound and audio.

Can I upload a file instead of a link?

We prefer our volunteers to submit a Google Drive or OneDrive link (please do not submit links from Google Photos, Dropbox, YouTube, iCloud, etc.). If you cannot submit a link, think the link will expire, are afraid you’ll delete the file, or prefer not to submit a link for whatever other reason, please let us know and send the file to volunteer@artoftheheartmusic.org.

Do you accept rap, poetry readings, dance, magic, live art, trickshots, skits, and other visual and performing arts that may or may not be directly related to music?

Yes, we do. We grant the same 2 hours of service credit for such a submission as for a musical submission. If you are unsure of whether your submission is something we will use, contact us at info@artoftheheartmusic.org.

Service Credit

How many hours will I receive?

Art of the Heart provides 2 hours of service credit per submission regardless of length, type of music, or performer level. However, you won’t receive more service credit for submitting the same video twice.

Can you sign off on/verify my hours using a form I provide?

Yes! If you wish us to sign off on any specific forms, please send them to volunteer@artoftheheartmusic.org.