Board of Directors

Representing broad expertise and experience in corporate and civic affairs, our distinguished Board of Directors guide Art of the Heart’s strategic directions, providing governance and fiduciary leadership of our organization. 

Chair, Grant Kondo, MM, NCTM, Private Music Instructor at GK Piano, Board Member of the California Association of Professional Music Teachers

Vice-chair and Treasurer, Rebecca Vinsonhaler, Starburst Data

Max Amend, Founder, Art of the Heart

Christopher Hersey, Partner at Ventura Hersey & Muller, LLP

Anne Maloney, Director of Community Service at Bellarmine College Preparatory 

Samuel Perrott, Founding Finance and Operations Director

The Board of Directors meets quarterly in September, December or January, March, and June. Recordings of the Board meetings for the public may be found HERE. The agendas and meeting minutes for each Board meeting may be found HERE

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board works closely with our executive team to ensure Art of the Heart's mission and programs align with the needs of the greater community. Representing specific stakeholders, our Advisory Board helps us make the greatest impact in the community. 

Julie Johnson, Director of Recreational Services, Jesuits West Province

Erasmo Rodriguez-Castaneda, Director of Instrumental Music, San Marcos High School 

Carla Strand, Director of Wellness, Saratoga Retirement Community

Shawn Descourouez, Assistant Director of Community Service, Bellarmine College Preparatory

Amanda Lin, App Developer, Art of the Heart

Executive Staff and Director Emeritus

Max Amend, Founding Executive Director (Bio)

Erina Butler, Founding Outreach Director (Bio)

Quinn Dembecki, Founding Marketing Director (Bio)

Jonathan McSweeney, Founding Technical Communications Director (Bio)

Samuel Perrott, Founding Finance and Operations Director (Bio)