Our Cause

Providing comfort and connection through music

Art of the Heart has two main goals. First, Art of the Heart works on bringing the joy and comfort of music to senior citizens, those who are developmentally disabled, isolated pediatric patients & low-income adults. Secondly, to provide young musicians with a space to showcase their skills as well as share their story in relation to being a musician.

Our logo was designed by high school student Tegan Leong

Our History

Our founder, Max Amend, a current student at the University of San Francisco in California, first came up with the idea of connecting lives through music during the global COVID-19 pandemic. During the difficult time, Max created the Bellarmine Virtual Concert Series which provided comforting musical performances to over 60 Bay Area assisted living and skilled nursing agencies. The series ran for three weeks in May 2020 and featured musical performances from Bellarmine students. Building on Max's original idea, Art of the Heart now creates musical showcases with the purpose of providing comfort and joy through music to our partners serving senior citizens, those who are developmentally challenged, isolated pediatric patients & low-income adults.

Our Participants

Our participants are talented young performers from ages 8 to 18 who combine their musical skills with a heart for service. They come from diverse backgrounds and range from singers to pianists who are all passionate in what they do. Together, they make this program possible and help spread the love of music to the world.