Art of the Heart is dedicated to connecting teen musicians with the elderly in their own local community. We rely on teen musicians to perform in their community and foster connection with isolated senior citizens.

Sign-up to Perform*

*Don't see an opportunity to perform in your area? Sign-up to become an Area Representative and help us bring the joy and comfort of music to your local community! Learn more/Sign-up HERE.

Steps for First Time Volunteers

  1. Visit our volunteer hub HERE or by clicking "Sign-up Here" to the right.

  2. Choose the event you would like to perform at.

  3. Next you will be prompted to create an account and then complete a registration form.

  4. Your spot is now saved! You will see that your application to perform at the event is marked pending. Our team goes through and verifies each volunteer.

  5. Complete and email your additional forms. If you are under the age of 18, you will be required to complete additional forms before becoming a verified volunteer. These forms will be sent to both you and your parents and must be completed in order to participate in our program.

  6. You should then be verified! Verification is a one time thing, so once you are in, you are in. Next time you sign-up to participate you will simply select the event you want to participate in and there will be no additional verification.

  7. Complete your program details. After registering for an event, all participants must fill out your program details. This form will be emailed to you and asks about the piece you plan to perform, composer of the piece, etc...

COVID-19 Protocols

After providing strictly virtual performance opportunities for over a year, we are excited to begin to be able to offer in person opportunities starting June 1, 2021. That being said, we must all remember to follow the guidelines of the CDC and our local governments to ensure our work can continue. We all must do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Here are our guidelines for volunteers:

  • Student performers must be able to provide proof to Art of the Heart that they have received the complete required doses of a government approved Covid-19 Vaccine and have waited the two weeks after their final dose.

  • Student performers are required to wear masks during the entirety of their time visiting one of our partner agencies. Depending on the agency, exceptions are often made for performers to remove their mask while singing, but must where their mask at all other times.

  • Student performers must maintain 6 feet of distance from all other individuals at all times.

Additional information regarding safety:

  • At this time, Art of the Heart performances are only being held at agencies where all residents have been fully vaccinated. This is to ensure their safety.

  • The majority of all performances will be held outside.

If you have additional questions regarding our protocols or the safety of our events, please email us at