Common Tasks

Being an Ambassador of Love requires roughly a 3 to 4 hour monthly commitment. In the past Ambassadors have:

  • Connected us with senior facilities

  • Served as Area Representative

  • Presented at schools, community events, and online

  • Fundraised for us in local communities

  • Written content for our website and blog

  • Promoted our work through social media

  • Participated in our Podcast

The Purpose

Ambassadors of love are amazing, all-around rockstars who promote our mission in the world and guide the future of our organization.

As an Ambassador of Love, you’ll join a community of passionate individuals who care deeply about our work and help us further our mission of providing comfort and connection through music by connecting teen musicians with senior citizens.

In your time as an Ambassador, you'll serve as an advisor to our organization, contributing to our virtual meetings on Zoom. Sharing your insight and helping us brainstorm, set goals, and review our programs (and even launch new ones!).

We let help shape our work. We’re open to any suggestions or ideas you have, and if there’s something that hasn’t been done before, we want you to pitch it! We provide you with a platform, and if your suggestion aligns with our mission, we’ll almost always say, go for it!

If you’re interested in having a leadership role in Art of the Heart, this is the place to start!