Submit a Video Recording For Our Virtual Concert Series

Are you a young musician? If so, WE NEED YOU!

Our Virtual Concert Series is created by compiling the videos you submit into one video to be shared with organizations that serve senior citizens, those who are developmentally disabled, isolated pediatric patients & low-income adults in our community. Due to the current COVID-19 guidelines, these agencies are not able to continue to bring live entertainment to their clients or even allow family and friends to visit them. This Virtual Concert Series is our way of continuing our service, but from a new standpoint and with your help.

Make your recording! Making a recording has two main points to it. First, your personal message. Start your video recording by making a personal message. Messages should include your first name (ONLY your first name!), your graduation year, the instrument you play, the name of your piece, and a small tidbit or fun fact about yourself, your piece, or your relationship to music.

For example: "Hi, my name is Max and I am a junior here at Bellarmine. Today I will be playing one of my favorite pieces for the piano, All of Me. This love ballad by John Legend has always stood out to me and I hope you enjoy it as well. Stay safe and be well."

Second, perform your piece to share (accepted performances include: musical performances, both instrumental and vocal. Vocalists may perform with a recording)

Here are some things to consider:

  • Attire -- Wear something appropriate to represent our school. This is definitely not formal attire. Maybe just not quite PJs... If you are in a Bellarmine Music Department ensemble, then please consider wearing the shirt given to for your ensemble.

  • Camera angle -- We should be able to see your hands (if you are playing an instrument) and face. Also, the camera should be in LANDSCAPE (horizontal) mode, not vertical.

  • The last note -- If you're recording yourself, make sure to hold the last note and finish BEFORE reaching to stop the video! We will edit all videos so don’t worry about chopping off the ends.

Service Credit

Many schools and organizations offer service credit for individuals who participate in outreach related activities. We completely support this! We feel it is important for individuals to be recognized for the work they do. If your school or organization offers service credit, consider volunteering to participate in our programs here at Art of the Heart.

For hour approval, or questions related to service credit, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at